Your Home Value!

Your Home Value!

home value

Our local real estate market has been great over the last year, and the last few months continue to be strong!


When appraisers determine the value of a home they look at homes that have sold over the last 6 months.  I thought you might be interested in knowing what homes have recently sold and for how much, so I put a list together for you.  Of course, this list will change as time passes, but it gives you a good glimpse at where home prices are right now.  I hope this is helpful.


Though you can’t determine a home’s value strictly from this list, it should give you an excellent idea of what other homes have sold for nearby and what your home may be worth.


When you look at it, don’t focus too much on “Price Per Square Foot.”  While this is helpful when determining a home’s value, each home has unique aspects that influence the price per square foot that must be taken into consideration.


Also, no one can accurately assess a home’s value without seeing it personally.  If you would like a home valuation completed … with no obligation, of course … please feel free to contact me.  I’m in the area frequently and would love to stop by, look at your home, and give you an assessment of its value.  This is one of the services I offer home owners in [ARIZONA].


I hope you find this information helpful!