The top 3 things you want to get educated on

Can you believe it’s the end of the year already?  If you’re like us and are juggling work and kids, the time flies by ….. And if you (like us) are thinking of selling AND you want the most you can for your house, you need to get educated!


The top 3 things you want to get educated on are:


  1. Know what the market is doing (is it a Buyer’s or Seller’s Market – did you know you can have BOTH MARKETS in the same town, depending on price point?)
  2. Know how to best prepare your home to WIN against the COMPETITION
  3. Know how to select the right agent to work with you


In order to WIN against the COMPETITION, you will need to prepare your home properly.  We have consulted with over 20 home owners in the last 6 months that are considering selling in the next 2 years.  We’ve discussing de-cluttering, paint, carpets, fixtures, and even kitchen make-overs.  Being strategic before you go on the market will determine how long your house will take to sell, how much money you will get for your house, and how easy (or difficult) your selling experience will be.

Choosing the right agent requires research and interviewing.  Choosing a family member or best friend who just got in the business will likely cause frustration and loss on the sale of your biggest asset.

If you are considering selling in the next 12 months and are interested in learning more information on any of these 3 items, give me a call/text.