5 Secrets to Sell Homes Fast and for Top Dollar

5 Secrets to Sell Homes

Fast and for Top Dollar

(Part 3)


Secret #3: Fresh Paint Breathes New Life Into Your Home


One of the important keys to selling homes is “first impressions” when prospects walk through your home.  If your walls are dingy, faded or “marked up” through years of use and raising a family, it makes your home feel “worn out.”  This turns off buyers.


By putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls you can breathe new life into any space, and take old, worn-out walls and make them look brand new.  You’d be surprised what a simple layer of paint can do to make your home come alive, and in most cases it more than pays for itself in a faster sale at a higher price.


Painting can also make your home appear bigger than it really is.  If you have small rooms, such as maybe a small kitchen and attached living area, choosing the right color paint and painting them both the same color can often make the rooms appear more spacious and create a better impression with prospective buyers.


Also, when prospective buyers walk through your home you want them thinking and dreaming how the home will become their home.  Because of this, if you have bright, vivid colors — or colors a little out of the norm for most people — you’ll find those colors can often be a turn-off to a lot of buyers.  The safest way to go is paint in neutral colors that will fit any décor.  Now, as your potential buyers walk through the home, they are met with a fresh coat of new paint, making the home look almost brand new, in colors they can see themselves with their own furniture and family living in!





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