Secret #2: Get Your Floors and Carpets Spotless Clean

5 Secrets to Sell Homes

Fast and for Top Dollar

(part 2)


Secret #2: Get Your Floors and Carpets Spotless Clean


When buyers are touring your home you want them thinking how much the space has to offer.  You want them dreaming of all the possibilities your home has for their family: large spacious rooms, a kitchen for family meals, a den and living area with plenty of space to watch the game with kids and friends.  So, as they are touring your home, the last thing you want is their thought process to be interrupted and stopped because of a large stain in the middle of the carpet or a dark track of dirt from the front door to the kitchen.


It all boils down to what is known as a “yes” momentum with your buyers.  A “yes” momentum is when your prospective buyers think, “Yes, this is a beautiful home. Yes, this is a beautiful kitchen — it would be great with our family.  Yes, we could have wonderful family times in this room.”  We want your prospects to constantly think “yes” everywhere they go in your home.  However, as soon as something causes them to say “no” — such as a stain in the middle of the rug — we lose the buying momentum and start to lose them as a buyer.


It may seem insignificant to you … after all, you’ve lived with that stain in the carpet for years.  For you, you hardly notice it anymore.  However, for that potential buyer, it stands out like a sore thumb and detracts from the buying experience.  That’s why we want to remove all obstacles that could keep them from loving your home.  The more they love it, the more they are willing to pay for it and the faster they’ll make an offer.


So, take the time to clean all your floors.  Resurface or polish worn wooden floors.  Professionally clean all your carpets and rugs.  If you have stains or dark spots that won’t come out, consider replacing the carpet altogether.  And again, much as with the kitchen, if you invest in replacing your carpet, you can frequently get it back in the sales price.  Feel free to check with me if you like.  I’m constantly in the area and I don’t mind dropping by one day to see if this is the case for your home or not.